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 The home of Surf Lifesaving boards, Nipper boards, Stand Up (SUP) boards, and a wide range of sit in kayaks, sit on kayaks, and ocean kayaks. We’ve got all you need for recreational water touring and for Surf Lifesaving competitions.
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We offer a range of kayaks designed for everyone from new beginners to the more advanced paddler. Choose a sit on or sit in kayak and select single person, tandem or sea kayak.

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Surf Lifesaving Boards

All our boards are hand crafted to ensure the highest quality finish and construction and are manufactured to ILS standard specifications. Built for speed, performance and manoeuvrability choose from beginner, advanced and those suitable for Surf Lifesaving Rescue competition.

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To ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your kayak and board touring experience, we also offer a range of board and kayak accessories.

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